Battle Not With Monsters

Battle Not With Monsters is Headfirst's sophomore EP, recorded over a series of weeks with the incredible Jim Wirt. It's a winding tale of a man battling with his own demons and tragedies, culminating in songs like The Abyss and Mourning Glory. It also portrays Headfirst for Halos' message of resistance, that there will always be darkness, and we're each strong enough to search for the light. Battle Not With Monsters is a dark EP with a hopeful message, an EP of clichés and the first serious attempt by Headfirst to create a real work of musicianship and heart.

I See Chaos

As Headfirst for Halos' first foray into recording an EP, 'I See Chaos' is entirely representative of a band finding it's footing. It is an amalgamation of different sounds, chaotically thrown together that then becomes more than the sum of its parts. It is young, but it's a special, raw recording, representative of Headfirst in it's formative stages. It is a musical snapshot of a point in time where Headfirst for Halos was learning what it meant to make music, while also pushing them towards what they would become. Not to mention 'Buried at Sea' was, and remains to be, a mainstay in Headfirst History.