About Us


Headfirst For Halos is an American rock band from Durham, North Carolina. The band was formed in 2013 when guitarist Alfred Williamson and vocalist Zach Wimberley of “The Blue Suits” starting co-writing material with “The Arcadian Project’s” lead guitarist, Danlee Gildersleeve. The band solidified their line up with Sean Meehan on bass guitar, and quickly brought in drummer Joe Fallon of “The Pulse” to complete the band. The band quickly released ‘I See Chaos’, a raw look into the early writing process and emotions of proto-Headfirst. More than anything, it’s a snapshot into the thoughts and emotions of the band at that time, growing with each other and learning what it meant to be in the band. Before long, they had begun writing more material in preparation for their next release. In March of 2015, with the incredible financial support of their fanbase in the form of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Headfirst road-tripped to Cleveland, Ohio to record their new material for “Battle Not with Monsters” at Crushtone Studios. The band worked with multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Something Corporate) to engineer and mix the songs for their follow up album “Battle Not With Monsters”. Headfirst then sent the tracks to John Naclerio for mastering, and in July released the finished material with a headlining show at the Cat’s Cradle, supported by the music video release of the single “The Final Hour”. Using live footage from the incredible crowd who had come to support them, Storymancer Studios created a second video for Headfirst’s song ‘A Plague Upon Those Lying Lips’, which was the second and last single from their EP. Recently returned from tours outside of their home state, Headfirst is working with producer Brandon Garrison to release new music; to echo a new direction and a new era for the ever growing band.

The Members

Zach Wimberley

Zach Wimberley, lead singer of Headfirst for halos, has been singing in a choir for 10 years; and been in a band for 4. He is also the epitome of a nerd.

Danlee Gildersleeve

Danlee Gildersleeve, lead guitarist of Headfirst for Halos. He's been playing for three years and writes a majority of the lyrics for the band. His crippling fear of alligators is his only true weakness.

Sean Meehan

Sean Meehan, bassist of Headfirst for Halos. He has been playing bass for 3 years and also does some of the screaming in the band along with Danlee. He thrives in temperate climates with proper nourishment.

Joe Fallon

Joe Fallon, drummer of Headfirst For Halos. Has been playing drums for 10 years and provides the rhythmic back bone to the band. He enjoys long walks on the beach and a night on the town.